Tile Roofing & Repair Services in the Orland and Oviedo Areas

When you want a roof unmatched in beauty and strength, you want a tile roof. Rely on the expert team at Roofing Pioneers to install your tile roofing with the quality and craftsmanship we’re known for throughout Central Florida.

Tile roofs are popular in Florida — distinctive, clay-colored, hacienda-style roofs can be seen in Orlando, Oviedo, and beyond. Tile roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingles, so you may wonder why so many Orlando homeowners and business owners opt to spend the extra money on this type of roof.

Tile Roofing Is Stronger

As beautiful as tile is, it would not be popular in Florida if it wasn’t strong. With our history of hurricanes with winds in excess of 150 mph, many Orlando residents want a roof that will withstand the elements. While asphalt shingles are excellent protection against rain and ordinary weather, they don’t stand up as well to wind. In fact, tile roofing is one of only a few materials able to withstand sustained winds over 150 mph. Moreover, tile roofing is safer because it is fireproof.

But another reason tile roofing is so popular here in the south is its extraordinary insulating properties, making it a great choice for homeowners who want to keep cool — and keep their air conditioning bills low. 

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Tile Roof Repairs

Tile roofing is also durable — an asphalt roof lasts about 20 years, while a tile roof routinely lasts 50-100 years, and sometimes even longer depending upon the type of waterproof barrier membrane underneath the tile. You get your money’s worth with tile roofing.

That being said, a tile roof sometimes needs repairs, and when that time comes, count on the experts at Roofing Pioneers.  Allow us to have one of our trained professionals to inspect your roof because most damage is undetectable to the untrained eye.

Unlike asphalt shingles, which are somewhat flexible, roof tiles are brittle and can crack under pressure. This pressure can come from a falling object such as a tree branch. Sometimes tile roofing can leak, as well, due to debris building up in the trenches between tiles. Properly installed flashing and a long-lasting waterproof underlayment should protect against leaks, but Roofing Pioneers still recommends homeowners and commercial business owners with tile roofs have their roofs pressure washed regularly to remove debris before it builds up.

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Expert Tile Roofers

If you’re thinking of getting a tile roof, it’s important to trust only an expert to do the job who is certified in tile roof installation. Installing tile roofing is very different from installing asphalt shingles, and roofers must be skilled in the work in order to avoid cracking any tiles and to ensure every inch of the roof is secure and watertight.

Depend on Roofing Pioneers, a local, family-owned and operated Orlando business, for your tile roof installation. We provide free inspections and estimates as well as emergency repairs, and we offer flexible payment plans.

Call Roofing Pioneers, and get the tile roofing you always wanted for your Oviedo or Orlando home.

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