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Stormseal Roof Coverings

Orlando, Florida, sees more than its fair share of storms, particularly dangerous hurricanes with high winds that can wreak havoc with roofs. Located in Oviedo, Roofing Pioneers is a top roofing repair company, and one type of emergency roofing we use for temporary roof repair is Stormseal.

Stormseal is a revolutionary kind of temporary roofing that provides the security homeowners and business owners need when they have to wait for roof repairs.

Benefits of

Temporary Roof Repair in the Oviedo and Orlando Area

No doubt about it, roof repair in Orlando or Oviedo is an emergency. But the problem is, frequently everyone has the same emergency at the same time. When a ferocious hurricane hits the Sunshine State, it does damage far and wide, and it’s not possible for roofing companies to repair them all within a few days — or even sometimes weeks or months, depending on the extent of the damage.

After a storm comes through and rips off or damages a roof, that building is left vulnerable to the elements. If it rains again before the roof is repaired, the extent of the damage could be much greater than if the building had been properly protected with a roof covering.

Not only that, but an insecure roof could allow access to local critters looking for a place to take shelter. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and even opossums and rats can take up residence in a building with holes in the roof.

Stormseal on roof

Stormseal Outperforms Roof Tarps

Previously, roofers used roof tarps to secure storm-damaged roofs until repairs could be made. While tarps are heavy and waterproof, they can be difficult to secure snugly and are vulnerable to high winds.

Stormseal, on the other hand, clings snugly to a roof like shrink wrap. It’s heavy duty like tarp, but can withstand winds up to 150 mph, which makes it effective against most tornadoes and hurricanes. A roof tarp would be nearly useless in these situations.

Snug-fitting Stormseal roofing was invented in Australia after a particularly devastating hailstorm struck Sydney. The product was developed by an insurance adjuster who saw claims quadruple in the months after the storm due to roof tarps that failed to stay put through subsequent rainstorms.

Certified Emergency Roofing Installers

The roofing professionals at Roofing Pioneers have undergone training with Stormseal manufacturers, making us one of only a few roofing contractors certified to install Stormseal throughout the state of Florida. We have successfully installed 200,000 square feet of this amazingly protective material so far, saving property owners millions of dollars in damages.

And not only does Stormseal protect Orlando area buildings from further water damage, but it’s also fire resistant, which is important in a state where lightning strikes and thunderstorms are so prevalent. Accuweather.com reports that Florida is the fourth-leading state for lightning strikes.

If the roof on your home or business was damaged by a storm, call Roofing Pioneers for roof repairs right away. We respond quickly, but if the damage is spread far and wide throughout Oviedo or Orlando, you may want to opt for a quick Stormseal application to protect your building while you wait for your roof repairs.

Trust the experienced company that’s certified in Oviedo, Orlando, and throughout Florida to install Stormseal emergency roofing: Roofing Pioneers.

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