Insulation is an important part of any building, and the attic space in particular. Roofing Pioneers of Orlando is the only roofing installation company in Florida licensed to install airkrete GREENsulation, a superior type of insulation that gives buildings more and better protection than standard insulation.

Do You Need Insulation? Yes.

Many people think of insulation as a barrier against the cold, and it is, but it’s so much more.

Here in Florida, we don’t see too much cold weather. But in the same way, insulation keeps out cold, it also keeps out the heat. That’s important, considering says Florida is the warmest of all the states.

If your Orlando home or business was built without insulation, you’re likely wasting money on energy costs. When you get a roof replacement, that’s the perfect time to add insulation to your attic and walls.

Airkrete Installation

Airkrete: Better Foam Insulation

Fiberglass, foam, and cellulose are the most common types of insulation. While each provides a measure of protection from the elements, none compares to airkrete. Airkrete is a type of foam insulation, but it’s better because it’s environmentally friendly, fireproof, mold-proof, pest-proof, and nontoxic.

Ordinary insulation breaks down when it gets wet, offering less protection. It also gets moldy, creating an unhealthy and even hazardous environment in your home or office.

Airkrete insulation resists mold growth, and it doesn’t break down when it gets wet. It holds its shape for the life of your building, never shrinking or settling.

It’s also fireproof. That’s important in a state like Florida that sees more lightning strikes than almost any other state.

Traditional fiberglass insulation also can provide a snug home for vermin. But airkrete insulation provides an inhospitable environment to pests due to its abrasive ingredients (it’s known as “foamed cement”). Insects such as termites, wood bees, and carpenter ants won’t live in airkrete.

Airkrete Is Naturally Superior

Some types of insulation are treated with chemicals to retard fire and resist mold growth, but airkrete is created to achieve this naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals. Typical spray foam insulations contain plastics, which can emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), but airkrete is mineral-based.

You save money when you opt for airkrete insulation, because not only does it last longer than traditional insulation, but you also don’t have to remove the insulation you have in your attic and walls now.

In Florida, only Roofing Pioneers is licensed to install airkrete GREENsulation. We’re well-known as a top roofing installation and roof repair company, and an important part of your roof — and your building’s — longevity is tied to insulation.

Contact Roofing Pioneers in Oviedo today to learn more about airkrete GREENsulation and what it can do for your home or commercial building.

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