Oviedo Tile Roofing Benefits: Sustainability and Investment

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over several of the major benefits associated with the use of tile roofing. Distinctive in both appearance and protective qualities, tile roofing is one of the top choices of many Florida clients for their roofing needs, and with good reason. 

At Roofing Pioneers, we’re happy to provide a wide range of roof installation and roof repair services for a variety of different roofing materials, including tile roofing and repair services throughout Oviedo and other parts of Florida. What are some of the other top reasons many homeowners look to tile for their roof replacement? Here’s a primer.

tile roofing benefits sustainability

Thermal Properties of Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is a very energy-efficient option for homes in Florida, with the tiles producing less heat than traditional shingles. Tile’s natural ability to dissipate heat from the interior of the home and provide shade and protection from direct sunlight means that tile roofs can help reduce cooling expenses by up to 30%.

It’s also important to note that tile offers superior fire protection over other materials. When installed by a qualified Florida contractor, tile roofing can help protect against collapses associated with fire and other natural disasters. These thermal properties are a major reasons why many Oviedo clients go this route, particularly those with families they want to protect.

Tile Roofing is Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Tile roofing is typically made from natural materials, which means that in addition to being beneficial for the environment, it’s also a more sustainable choice than those made from other materials. This makes tile an excellent choice for those who may be looking to go green.

Tile contains no preservatives, plus involves very little waste during production. In addition, what limited waste is created can be immediately recycled, unlike some other roofing materials that will require this waste being trashed.

Tile Roofing is a Great Investment

Tile roofing is a great investment for homes because it offers the best of both worlds: Protection and beauty. From beautiful aesthetics to reliable performance, tile roofing provides homeowners with an investment that lasts. And because it’s so durable, this investment will be long-lasting and reliable.

While the initial costs of tile roofing are sometimes higher than those for other roofing materials, you’ll make up this difference very quickly. Through improved energy efficiency and sustainability, you’ll see those dollars come back to you in monthly savings over a period of time.

If you need to get your tile roofing system replaced or repaired, our experts at Roofing Pioneers can help. For more information on this or any of our other Oviedo roofing services, speak to the staff at Roofing Pioneers today.

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