Oviedo Shingle Color Choice: Climate, Coordination, HOA

There are numerous practical elements that go into selecting your roof and shingle materials if you’re a Florida home or building owner, and one you might not have considered in this realm is shingle color. Many think of shingle color as only an aesthetic consideration, and while it certainly does play a major role in this area, it’s also of vital importance when it comes to a couple simple practical themes.

At Roofing Pioneers, LLC, we’re happy to offer a wide range of roof installation and roof repair services for Oviedo and other Florida residents, both in residential and commercial settings. This two-part blog series will go over all the factors you should be aware of with regard to color of roof shingles in Florida, hitting on both practical and aesthetic areas.

Oviedo shingle color climate

General Science and Florida Climate

As anyone who has walked on a dark-colored asphalt street during the heat of a Florida summer is well aware, this material gets very hot when it’s exposed to the sun. At the same time, if you’ve walked on an asphalt surface of a lighter color, chances are you’ve been a lot more comfortable.

This same basic theme applies to roofing shingles, and is backed up by simple science: Darker colors absorb more of the sun’s energy and release it in the form of heat, while lighter ones reflect the sun’s rays back away from the home. And because Florida’s climate trends toward being one of the hottest in the nation, especially in mid or southern parts of the state, we often recommend lighter-colored shingles for those who want to limit cooling needs throughout the year. A lighter roof will generally allow your AC to be less strained while cooling the home.

Coordination With Siding and Shutters

Now, precisely which lighter shade you choose, if you even decide to go in this direction, will also depend on several other factors. One of these that’s very important for home curb appeal and property value is coordinating with other major elements of the home’s exterior.

In particular, siding and shutters are elements that are commonly matched or contrasted with roof shingles to achieve a consistent look. There are a number of good blends or contrasts you might consider, or you could just match these up directly with your roof shingles in other cases.

Neighborhood Standards

Another potential area to think about, especially if your home is part of a homeowners’ association, is neighborhood standards. HOAs may place specific rules or guidelines on roofing, including shingle color in some cases. Even if you aren’t part of an HOA, those who care about their home’s market value and future sale potential will often look to match their shingles with the styles and colors of other homes in the neighborhood, especially if homes are close together.

For more on choosing shingle color for your Oviedo, Florida roof, or to learn about any of our roof installation or roof repair services, speak to the staff at Roofing Pioneers LLC today.

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