As a standard we offer the best asphalt roofing shingle with the best warranty in the industry. Atlas Pinnacle Pristine is the only architectural shingle that has a limited lifetime warranty for both wind up to 130 MPH and algae stains protected by Scotchgard ™ and 3M​

  • All new roofs come with our standard 10 year workmanship warranty
  • Inspect underneath existing shingles and repair wood as required to code.
  • Install new high performance synthetic underlayment
  • Install new painted metal drip edge, plumbing pipe boot and painted exhaust vents
  • Install self-adhesive Ice & Water shield underlayment in roof valleys and all penetrations, which is a fiberglass mat reinforced SBS-modified asphalt
  • Install starter shingle on all eaves
  • Install new Limited Lifetime Architectural Shingle per code with 110 or 130 mph wind warranties

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