How to Preserve the Integrity of Your Commercial Roofing System

Is your commercial roofing system watertight? And if so, are you certain the rooftop doesn’t have any standing water?

Moisture that manages to seep into or around the roofing materials can create serious damage – and the issue can affect not only the ceiling and insulation in your building, but also the walls, electrical systems, equipment and any inventory in storage. Standing water can speed up the deterioration and lead to further problems like insect infestation and the development of mold and algae.

To prevent costly damage to your commercial roofing system, professional contractors recommend taking a proactive approach. Here’s how to protect your investment.

Schedule Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

Get your commercial roofing checked at least twice every year, and schedule additional inspections after severe storms hit the Orlando area. Choose an experienced local professional contractor – like Roofing Pioneers – to complete the task, as an expert commercial roofer can identify and solve hidden issues before they create significant problems.

Handle Routine Commercial Roof Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your rooftop watertight and free of standing water, routine roofing system maintenance is just as important as regular professional inspections. Ask your commercial roofer for a list of tasks to have your maintenance crew handle or, if you prefer, leave the roof maintenance in the hands of your professional contractor.

Prioritize Commercial Roofing System Repairs

During a roof inspection or in the course of handling routine maintenance, the need for repairs may become obvious. Take care of the problem as soon as possible, and you can minimize the damage and your repair costs. If your roofing system is still under warranty, make sure a certified commercial roofer, such as Roofing Pioneers, completes the repair work to ensure the manufacturer honors your claim.

Create a File for Commercial Roofing Information

If you have accurate records on your roofing system, your commercial roofer will be better able to evaluate the longevity of the materials and preserve the rooftop’s integrity. Start a file for all information related to the roof, including the original plan and specifications along with warranty-related documents and paperwork of previous repairs. Moving forward, add records of your regular roof inspections, routine maintenance schedules and rooftop repairs.

Do you want to make sure your commercial roofing remains in great shape? Roofing Pioneers, a professional contractor serving residential and commercial clients in the central Florida area for over 20 years, can help you create an effective plan to protecting your investment. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation to discuss how our expert team can help preserve the integrity of your commercial roofing system, contact Roofing Pioneers in Orlando, Florida, today.

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