Extending Oviedo Roof Lifespan: Inspections, Cleaning, Flashing

Tile roofs are known as some of the strongest and most durable options out there, and savvy homeowners can promote this theme even further. With the right basic care and attention over a period of years, you can ensure your tile roof will continue protecting your home for multiple decades at minimum, while also providing fantastic aesthetics for Oviedo and other Florida homeowners.

At Roofing Pioneers, we’re happy to provide a wide range of tile roofing services, including both installation and repair services for these popular Florida roofing materials. Both on your own and with the assistance of our tile roofing specialists as-needed, what are some basic ways you can maximize the efficient, useful lifespan of your tile roof? This two-part blog series will go over several areas.

extending roof lifespan inspections cleaning

Regular Roofing Inspections

Just like any other roofing material, your tile roof should be inspected regularly for signs of damage or other irregularities. It’s always best to catch issues early and address them before they worsen over time, and tile roofs are no exception. If you’re able to stay ahead of any small problems that may arise, you’ll be better equipped to deal with larger concerns if they do crop up down the road.

As a homeowner, you should perform a basic visual inspection of your roof from the ground at least once every six months, if not more often. But roughly once a year (or more often if your roof handles a lot of stress or weight), you should also have the roof inspected by our professionals, who will perform a much more detailed examination and let you know whether any work is needed.

Regular Roof Cleaning

In addition to basic inspections of the roof, it’s also vital to keep your tile roof as clean as possible. This is especially true for homeowners who have dark-colored tiles, or those living in an area that gets a lot of rainfall and/or sunshine. Over time, leaves and other plant matter can begin piling up on the roof, and this debris may eventually actually block water from entering the drainage system and otherwise moving off the roof as it should.

Regular cleaning can help prevent this problem, and make it much easier to spot any issues like missing or cracked tiles that may be obscured by the buildup of plant matter. The easiest method for cleaning a roof is a power washer; if you need assistance here in any way, just let our team know.

Importance of Flashing

If you’re having a new tile roof installed, a vital factor is ensuring the top flashing installed against various roof features is put in properly. This flashing prevents water from dripping down in through your roof and into your home. This is one area that highlights the importance of working with quality roofing professionals — our installation team will always be sure to arrange your flashing so it’s installed optimally.

For more on how to extend the lifespan of your tile roof with some very basic practices, or to learn about any of our tile roofing or other roofing services in Oviedo, speak to the staff at Roofing Pioneers today.

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