Extending Commercial Building Roof Lifespan, Part 1

For commercial building owners or managers, maintaining roof quality is a vital task. The roof is important in a commercial facility for several reasons, from providing protection for employees to structural integrity and prevention of risks like leaks, and many commercial roofing systems are relatively significant, meaning they require regular attention.

At Roofing Pioneers, we’re happy to provide a number of quality commercial roofing services for all such clients, in addition to our residential roofing services. Through a combination of our services and some diligent attention from building owners and managers, you can extend your facility’s roof lifespan by many years, saving valuable money that can be used in other areas. This two-part blog series will go over everything you need to know here – part one will focus on the controllable and uncontrollable damage risks a roof faces, while part two will dig into several tips we offer on how you can improve roof lifespan.

extending commercial roof lifespan

Uncontrollable Damage Factors

There are a number of factors that may create damage risks for roofs, and some of these are outside our control as people. Many of these relate to weather concerns and the outdoor elements, including each of these areas:

  • Summer temperatures: During the summer period we’re in right now, high temperatures beat down on your roof and may damage it over time. Roofing materials may swell or expand under excessive temperatures, then shrink again when the temperatures fall – a process that speeds up deterioration over time.
  • Spring showers: Moisture can also be a significant risk for roofing systems, particularly those that have that are flat – which many commercial roofs are. These don’t slope as much and can’t remove water as quickly as a result, risking water seepage, cracks and other damage.
  • Fall storming: Fall storms come with similar issues, plus concerns regarding near-freezing temperatures that risk even further expansion or contraction.
  • Winter snow and ice: And during winter, snow and ice can be major risks to commercial roofs, from moisture and temperature issues to pure weight – large buildups of snow on flat roofs may risk roof collapse.

There may be other related areas here, such as impacts to your roof or natural disasters you have no control over.

Controllable Damage Factors

But while there are some areas that can’t be controlled when it comes to roof damage, only prepared for, there are also several others you have an impact on. If you avoid roof maintenance for several years in a row, for instance, you’re inviting small issues that could have been easily repaired by our team to spiral into major damage areas that require costly repairs or even a replacement of the entire roof system.

Down similar lines, hiring a poor roofing contractor for new roofing installation or other services can hurt you later on. Poor installation may cause a roof to wear down years earlier than it should, and poor quality of repairs or other related services can do the exact same thing. When it comes to these areas, be sure you’re working with reputable professionals like ours who will not risk wasting your time and money.

For more on extending the lifespan of a commercial roof, or to learn about any of our roofing installation or other services, speak to the staff at Roofing Pioneers today.

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