Dealing With Homeowners’ Associations for Roof Repairs, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on dealing with homeowners’ associations for roofing repairs. For those who live in neighborhoods who are governed by an HOA, areas like home repairs and others are often controlled by this organization in some way or another.

At Roofing Pioneers LLC, we’re happy to offer a wide range of roofing services, from roofing repair to roof installation and more – but also to provide assistance with several possible outside details, from roof-related insurance claims to assistance with HOAs. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with this sort of group, our roofing contractors will assist you with a variety of areas, including sending accurate estimates and more. Today’s part two of our series will dig into some more details to be aware of here.

homeowners’ associations roof repairs

Who Pays?

One of the most common questions in this scenario will revolve around who actually pays for the roofing repairs: You or your HOA? Answering this depends on the specific details in your HOA agreement, which will vary.

Generally, HOA agreements have specific guidelines for the kinds of property issues that are or are not covered. Those that aren’t will be the tenant or homeowner’s responsibility. The exception here will be in cases of natural disaster that leads to the damage, in which case insurance is often what provides coverage rather than either of these sources.

Time Extensions

In some situations, you will have to negotiate a bit with your HOA regarding roofing repairs. Consider a case, for instance, where your HOA agreement requires you to pay for roofing repairs, but you don’t currently have the money to do so – in this case, you can ask for an extension from your HOA so you are not fined or disciplined for not repairing the roof in a timely manner (this also may be part of the agreement). If you do so appropriately and courteously, such an extension will usually be approved.

Courtesy and Manners

Speaking of courtesy, it’s important here. Not only is your HOA responsible for many things that impact you, it’s also made up of people you’ll see regularly in your neighborhood and deal with in the future. Creating bad blood or controversy is never a good idea – even if you feel you’ve been wronged in some way, approach this with manners and professionalism. It will pay off down the line.

Attorney Assistance

Now, with all of the above said, there still may be cases where things get tense with an HOA. If you feel you’ve been harassed or otherwise treated unfairly, you should reach out to a qualified legal consultant to learn if you may have a case against the HOA for discrimination. For more on how to deal with a homeowners’ association for roofing repairs, or to learn about any of our roofing contractor services, speak to the staff at Roofing Pioneers LLC today.

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