COVID-19 Safety and Other Benefits of Satellite Roofing Services

During the recent worldwide outbreak of coronavirus and resulting cases of COVID-19, social distancing and isolation efforts have impacted numerous industries. And while the roofing industry is among these, modern technology is allowing for companies that are ahead of the curve to maintain quality services to clients without the risks of in-person communication, limiting disease spread and increasing safety.

At Roofing Pioneers, LLC, we’re proud to be one such roofing company. Not only do we offer commercial and residential roofing repair and numerous other roofing services, we’re also one of few companies in our industry who have spent the last several years utilizing technology for areas like virtual sales presentations, roof inspections and related areas, allowing for such services to be carried out remotely. We’re one of just a handful of roofing companies using overhead satellite imageryfor this process – today’s blog will detail this technology and how it benefits both roofing professionals and clients during this period of social distancing (and in other ways).

COVID-19 safety satellite roofing services

Roofing Imagery Basics

Many are familiar with basic services like Google Maps, which allow you to not only locate any address on the planet, but to view an aerial image of virtually any home or building using satellite imaging. It also tends to offer a front-of-house view so searchers can get an idea of what the area looks like from the ground.

And while most may only use this technology sparingly and for personal interest, roofing and other industries are putting it to use in practical ways. Using the same imaging technology plus basic software compatible with any computer, we are able to trace roofing dimensions, slopes, square footage, roof parts and many other areas. This allows us to perform from service estimates to roofing inspections in remote ways, but still with the level of detail required for accuracy.

Benefits of Roofing Imagery

There are several direct benefits of using satellite imaging for roofing services:

  • Ability to perform services remotely and limit COVID-19 spread risks
  • Simple integration into roofing measurement and related software
  • Regular updates and high-resolution images
  • Makes roofing inspections and related services far simpler and more convenient, which also helps make insurance considerations simpler
  • Non-roofing benefits in numerous areas, from landscaping to paving, real estate and more

Ease to Customers

This method brings both convenience and spread prevention benefits not only to our staff, but also to our numerous clients. Limiting COVID-19 risks plays a big role currently, but even before the outbreak, remote inspections and related services were making roofing far simpler and more convenient for clients everywhere – and will continue to do so once we as a society have moved past the situation, as well. For more on our remote roofing services using satellite imagery, or to learn about any of our roofing installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Roofing Pioneers, LLC today.

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