6 Tips to Make Your New Roof Last Longer

Need Roof Replacement? 6 Tips to Make Your New Roof Last Longer

Roof replacement can help make your Orlando home more comfortable, while also boosting your property’s curb appeal. Over time, the project will pay for itself in monthly energy savings and increased home value.

However, installing new roofing can be a significant investment. To ensure that your replacement roof lasts as long as possible – and that you get the best value for your money – follow these six simple tips.

No. 1: Hire an Experienced Roofing Contractor

With an experienced Florida roofer – like Roofing Pioneers — you can count on superior workmanship. Completing a residential roof replacement project properly requires skill, knowledge and expertise, and choosing a contractor who lacks experience is like asking for problems.

No. 2: Make Sure Your Attic is Well-Insulated

Adequate attic insulation and ventilation are crucial to keeping your replacement roof in tip-top shape. If yours aren’t up to par, the underside of the roofing materials can suffer moisture damage. Plus, excessive heat in the attic can cause your new roofing to prematurely disintegrate.

No. 3: Take Good Care of Your Rain Gutters

If your gutters become clogged with leaves, twigs and debris, rain water won’t flow away from your home. Instead, moisture will seep into the roofing materials, causing them to rot. Left unchecked, the issue can create leaks and lead you to need roof repair sooner than you’d like.

No. 4: Trim the Trees Near Your Home

After your roof replacement project is complete, regularly check the trees growing near your home and trim any overhanging branches. Any limb that extends over the rooftop could come crashing down during a storm and damage your new roofing.

No. 5: Check for Damage After Heavy Storms

Speaking of storms, take a look at your roofing after heavy rains and winds hit the central Florida area. If you spot any problems, like missing shingles or damaged areas, schedule roof repair quickly to keep the situation from getting any worse.

No. 6: Schedule Annual Professional Inspections

When you invest in roof replacement, you don’t want to do so again anytime soon – and having an expert roofer perform an annual inspection is one of the best ways to ensure your new roofing has a long lifespan. A professional contractor can identify and repair small issues before they grow into bigger, more costly problems to solve.

Are you planning a roof replacement project? If your home is in Orlando or the surrounding central Florida area, call on the professional team at Roofing Pioneers. We’ve been installing, repairing and maintaining roofs for more than 20 years, and our expert contractors always deliver the highest quality results for the lowest possible price.

For a free consultation and cost estimate for our roof replacement service, contact Roofing Pioneers in Orlando, Florida, today.

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